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About Maura Magazine

Each week, Maura Magazine takes on pop culture with brio; its offerings include in-depth interviews with creators and innovators, incisive commentary on music, movies, sports, and the internet, and indulgent recipes for liquor-filled treats. Maura takes a populist approach to pop culture: It is fun to read without making fun of fans for loving what they love. Maura is open-minded without being empty-headed.

Editor Maura Johnston’s readers have followed her from Idolator and The Village Voice to The New York Times, Spin, Rolling Stone, and NPR. Many of them know her by her first name. Subscribe today and get to know Maura.

Maura is published every Thursday. The app is a free download that includes one issue and a week-long free trial. After that, auto-renewing subscriptions are $2.99 for a month or $29.99 for a year. Your subscription revenues directly support the writing, editing, and production of Maura Magazine.

Editor: Maura Johnston
Fiction Editor: Jami Attenberg
Copy Editor: Brad Nelson
Web Guru: Vijith Assar
Published by 29th Street Publishing: Natalie Podrazik, David Jacobs, Blake Eskin, Tim Moore, Liz Lettieri, Greg Knauss, Sue Aplfelbaum
All articles and illustrations © their creators

Maura Magazine accepts submissions of NONFICTION—criticism, reportage, essays, and the like. Submit your piece via Submittable.

Please note: We do not accept fiction submissions.