Maura Magazine | Issue 12: Precipice

Issue 12: Precipice

Letter From The Editor: 

Back in the dialup era, February was notorious among the denizens of a bulletin board I frequented; without fail, it would be the month when so many long-simmering disagreements would boil over and catch fire, causing multi-post back-and-forths, resigning of conferences, snipey private-conference messages, and, sometimes, real-life dissolutions of friendships. The story went that even […]

So Jumpy

At 14, I wasn’t smart enough to not feel that the simple act of preferring hard rock—the long-haired, dick-swinging kind that most often manifested itself in power-ballad form on top-40 radio—to “softer” music differentiated myself from my peers.

The Last Action Heroes

The failure of recent movie offerings from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone says something about how the action movie landscape has changed since their glory days—although Bruce Willis might be lighting the way for aging action stars.

Building A Better Love Story

Do women deserve more from romance novels?