Maura Magazine | Issue 8: Screened

Issue 8: Screened

Letter From The Editor: 

I’m always loath to read stories that have the phrase “a new study” in their first sentence, but those news items pointing to the Halifax Insurance Digital Home Index this week gave me some pause, if only because I thought that its estimate of the current generation of kids spending 25 percent of their lives in front of some sort of screen was pretty low.


Fiction by Jim Ruland.

Marathon At The Watercooler

The idea of ditching the episodic-TV concept and enterprise and delivering a full, brand-new season all at once is a concept inevitable enough that Netflix has undertaken it as its grand experiment of 2013.

Meeting People Is Easy

It takes both courage and foolishness to meet someone you’ve only ever known as a voice or a screen name, to walk up to someone who just drove 500 miles and kiss him on the lips in a restaurant parking lot while the friends you brought for safety watch. But what takes even more chutzpah is meeting someone from the internet while having a nagging feeling that he or she is not quite telling the truth—which is almost always the case on the MTV series Catfish.