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Mikey Likes is a little stressed out. He’s just whipped up a batch of mint ice cream laced with chunks of brownies, but something is off—namely the color, which is light brown instead of mint’s traditional greener hue. “You think anyone will care?” he asks, concern etched on his forehead. “I’m not sure how I would feel if someone served me brown mint ice cream.”

Mikey, who doesn’t curse much, lets an expletive fly. He chuckles, changing a nearby TV’s channel to the New York Rangers game, and decides that the color’s fine: “Whatever. It tastes better than most mint ice cream I’ve had.” He continues to flip through the channels and stops on VH1 Soul—which is airing “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes),” a ballad by the 1990s R&B sensation Mint Condition. With a sly smirk, his eyes light up. “I got it. It’s going to be called Mint Condition. And if them dudes can be brown and minty, so can my ice cream.” His deep belly laugh sets off a ripple effect throughout the living room. [...]