Maura Magazine | Internal Tags | issue-5

Internal Tags issue-5

Pulling Time

Last weekend I realized that my Friendster profile had gone away. The site started in 2002 and accrued millions of users pretty instantly; I joined up pretty early, although it seems like I was first active on the site more recently than 11 years ago. But time turns to taffy on the internet.

2 Termz

On November 7, as young America celebrated the re-election of Barack Obama with gifs and tweets, one of the more memorable commemorative images passed around the internet was a Photoshopped picture of 2 Chainz, the loud, bawdy rapper who became one of 2012’s breakout stars despite being old enough to run for president himself. In the doctored photo, Obama’s face is superimposed on the necklace-adorned body of the MC formerly known as Tity Boi, with the caption “#2TERMZ.”

Football Dub

How football and videotape plunge America into a hyperreality each Sunday—and how that process recalls the origins of dub.

Shadowing the past few campaigns of the National Football League like a corner in man-to-man coverage has been the medical revelation of irreparable brain damage caused by merely playing the game. With every post-game recap, there seemed to follow even more news on helmet-to-helmet hits, new scientific studies revealing the depths of such trauma, all of it lingering over the game like post-concussion symptoms. Commentary has aired on 60 Minutes and in Time (in 2009, a deflated pigskin illustrated a cover with the headline “The Most Dangerous Game”) and The New Yorker, where Malcolm Gladwell’s article “Offensive Play” discussed the brown tau and beta-amyloid stains that appear on the brains of players who have suffered too many head-on collisions. He noted that NFL players suffered five times higher than average diagnoses of “dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other memory-related disease” after their playing years were behind them, adding a lineman’s description of a standard downfield drive: “Every play, collision, collision, collision… literally, these white explosions—boom, boom, boom—lights getting dimmer and brighter, dimmer and brighter.”

Super Super

I’ve been going to the same Super Bowl party for over a decade now; one year my longtime friend who hosts it incorporated it into his wedding, resulting not only in a grand time but the addition of a (delightful) permanent co-host. This issue is a tribute of sorts to that tradition.

Recipe: Waffle Vodka Bread Pudding

The idea of waffle-flavored vodka is oddly beautiful, a microcosm of the absurdity of humanity. And because of that, it shouldn’t just sit on the shelves of liquor stores, only to be consumed by teens on a dare.