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Super Super

I’ve been going to the same Super Bowl party for over a decade now; one year my longtime friend who hosts it incorporated it into his wedding, resulting not only in a grand time but the addition of a (delightful) permanent co-host. This issue is a tribute of sorts to that tradition, not just at my friend’s place but at houses all over America—Andy Beta’s piece on the parallel relationship between dub and football’s instant replay takes a refreshing look at technology, while Jaya Saxena’s recipe for waffle vodka bread pudding serves as a testament to American ingenuity when it comes to getting drunk and indulging in sweets (not to mention getting wicked hangovers from combining the two; please gorge responsibly). I don’t have a rooting interest in this year’s Super Bowl as far as the game itself (my knowledge of this year’s NFL goings-on was limited to the Daily News‘s screaming headlines about the Jets’ continued foibles), but I am incredibly excited for Beyoncé’s halftime show, which, if her Atlantic City concert last May is any indication, will be dynamite. Although is it too much to ask her to bring out Janet Jackson as a gesture of goodwill—and a sign that 2004, as I note in my piece on Internet memory holes, was a long time ago?