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Every day, I jostle against other people in physical and non-physical space; viewing a website at the same time as other people, cramming myself into a three-seat bench on a peak-hour train, shouting 140-character opinions on topics important and mundane as others do the same.

The Perfect Past

A review of Meg Wolitzer’s ambitious, ambition-focused “The Interestings.”

Brass Bed

Remembering Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love.”

Ringo, Django, And Dad

A trip to the record store strengthens a bridge between father and son.

Come To Life

John Zorn celebrates his 60th birthday at the Museum Of Modern Art.

The Birds of Los Angeles

Fiction by Karolina Waclawiak.

April Listening

A few records that Brad Nelson has been enjoying.

Seen Your Video

Do advances in filmmaking technology inevitably leave the viewer unsatisfied?


If ever there was a week for escapism, this was it; the constant stream of bad news inspired more than one member of my Twitter timeline to dream out loud about diving under their covers and staying there for as long as possible.

Seven Up

2013! It’s been a pretty great year for music so far. Here are seven pieces of evidence supporting that not-at-all-outlandish statement.

Like A Phoenix

New records by Paramore and Fall Out Boy.

The Slow Dood Movement

Kurt Vile can conjure memory and sound so as to suspend, dilate, confound, and—like his forbearers Sonic Youth once desired—kill time.

The Road To “Amygdala”

Looking at DJ Koze’s string of tracks over the past decade-plus offers clues to the genesis of his heralded new album Amygdala.


It’s springtime, so let’s dust off the cobwebs and talk about music we like. Yes? Yes.

Turn Me On, Dead Man

An appreciation of The Undertaker before what might be his last Wrestlemania match.

In My House

How Cribs showed the lifestyles of the rich and famous (or, sometimes, just famous) to those people with more chaotic households.

What Is The Hipster?

We want you, dear reader, to tell us.

Like You

The art of the music video is paid tribute at the Museum Of The Moving Image.

Get In The Ring

Wrestling, music videos, and class envy, oh my. Plus: It’s time for all of us to fight over the meaning of “hipster.”

Home Team

Memories of the Nassau Coliseum, Long Island’s now-crumbling arena.