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The Temple

A tribute to the Brooklyn all-ages haunt the Punk Temple, and a look at DIY in New York today.

There She Goes

Bridezillas enters its final season. A reflection on what it means to hate-watch over time.


If you fall for that old line about gullible not being in the dictionary, it sticks with you for a long, long time.


Comfort food, comfort pop, and finding refuge in both.

Peter Laughner’s Ghost

“Amphetamine,” Peter Laughner, and an eerily timed microphone malfunction at a speaking engagement.

The Fish List

Fiction by Helen Schreiner.

Capital L

Markets and love, and two books on the topic.

Blue Skies And Boxes

In defense of businessspeak.

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful

What is it like to listen to the song of the summer and nothing else for a week?


Holy cow, it’s our 20th issue! And it has debut fiction, a song of the summer, and one of my writing idols!

The Professional

The spectacle of Floyd Mayweather’s most recent fight in Las Vegas.


Apologies if this week’s issue title gets that Blues Traveler song in your head. (It did that for me, too.)

Going Underground

Taking a tour of New Brunswick with Screaming Females’ Marissa Paternoster.

Home Movie

Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell is an investigation into the nature of truth, subjectivity, and interpersonal relationships, but it skips along with such a lightness and fluidity that any attempt to qualtify it as such feels stuffy.


Twitter as a labyrinth of people who vaguely known each other talking past everyone around them.


The debut of our pinball columnist and some memories about the days of malls being seedy (and having actual record stores inside)

For Rock And Roll

The spirit of ’78 is alive and wreaking havoc at the mall.

Multiball Bliss

Our pinball columnist debuts with a piece about the reverie instilled by a multi-multiball bonanza.

Q&A: Mudhoney’s Mark Arm

Brad Cohan has a chat with the lead singer of grunge lifers Mudhoney.

Lost In The Party

One moment, it’s possible to think that might be a genius; the next moment, you can wonder if he represents everything that’s wrong with 2013.