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Dark Places

Kimee Massie sweeps the floor of Nadia Salon, a full-service hairstyling emporium located in the Pittsburgh neighborhood Shadyside. The lights are low, and if you ignore the Schwarzkopf hair dye display, the pink spray bottles at every stylist’s station, and the art-deco Marilyn Monroe print hanging on the wall, the room does resemble a yoga […]


Fiction by Chiwan Choi.


Why the video for R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” is the greatest film ever made.

The Real

Japan’s biggest virtual pop star goes high-culture in a splashy opera. But will it leave her core fans behind?

The Temple

A tribute to the Brooklyn all-ages haunt the Punk Temple, and a look at DIY in New York today.

Peter Laughner’s Ghost

“Amphetamine,” Peter Laughner, and an eerily timed microphone malfunction at a speaking engagement.

The Fish List

Fiction by Helen Schreiner.

Going Underground

Taking a tour of New Brunswick with Screaming Females’ Marissa Paternoster.

Multiball Bliss

Our pinball columnist debuts with a piece about the reverie instilled by a multi-multiball bonanza.

The Perfect Past

A review of Meg Wolitzer’s ambitious, ambition-focused “The Interestings.”

The Birds of Los Angeles

Fiction by Karolina Waclawiak.

The Slow Dood Movement

Kurt Vile can conjure memory and sound so as to suspend, dilate, confound, and—like his forbearers Sonic Youth once desired—kill time.

Turn Me On, Dead Man

An appreciation of The Undertaker before what might be his last Wrestlemania match.

Kickstart My Heart

In the interest of at least dragging people out of bed in the morning, the marketing department at PepsiCo Inc. has devised the breakfast soda. A review of MTN Dew Kickstart.

The Gallows Of The Eldest Son

Fiction by Nick Antosca.

The Definite Article

What does it mean when a band hooks a “the” on its name?

Gone Country Again

New York’s history with country radio stretches as far back as the era before the genre was even called country.

Swimming Pools

Now that Michael Phelps has exited the sport, perhaps elite competitive swimming will finally get a new, female superstar. But does it deserve one?

Q&A: Community Writer Maggie Bandur

An interview with Community writer Maggie Bandur.

Take A Bow

The biggest mistake The Smiths ever made wasn’t breaking up; given how much the foursome came to loathe each other, that was inevitable. It was breaking up in 1987, because John Hughes almost made them rock gods