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What kind of music makes you dig into yourself? Jeremy Larson traveled to Pittsburgh and connected the dots between enlightenment and drone metal at a class called BLACK YO)))GA. The name is an homage to the group Sunn O))), which I can absolutely appreciate; their music caused me to have an out-of-body experience last year […]


Voting with one’s music-buying dollars at the record store (or, in this case, the Target at Broadway Mall).


Remember the music video? Sure, it’s around (and still causing controversy, sort of!), but gone are the days when it would dominate entire afternoons of multiple basic-cable channels.


The other night a friend reminded me that my first instinct upon hearing about Kurt Cobain’s death (on the radio) was to go downstairs to my dorm’s computer lab and attempt to ferret out further details online.


I ran. I ran so far away. I ran so far away from Mumford & Sons and screeching brides and into the arms of a punk shrine in deep Brooklyn.

There She Goes

Bridezillas enters its final season. A reflection on what it means to hate-watch over time.


If you fall for that old line about gullible not being in the dictionary, it sticks with you for a long, long time.

Capital L

Markets and love, and two books on the topic.


Holy cow, it’s our 20th issue! And it has debut fiction, a song of the summer, and one of my writing idols!


Apologies if this week’s issue title gets that Blues Traveler song in your head. (It did that for me, too.)


Twitter as a labyrinth of people who vaguely known each other talking past everyone around them.


The debut of our pinball columnist and some memories about the days of malls being seedy (and having actual record stores inside)

Welcome To Version 1.01

Today a new version of Maura Magazine is availble for download from the iTunes Store, and I’m thrilled about the work that the team at 29th Street Publishing did on it. There are a bunch of user-interface improvements, including smoother navigation & scrolling, smaller issue sizes, improved performance and stability, and an lower overall memory […]


Every day, I jostle against other people in physical and non-physical space; viewing a website at the same time as other people, cramming myself into a three-seat bench on a peak-hour train, shouting 140-character opinions on topics important and mundane as others do the same.

The Perfect Past

A review of Meg Wolitzer’s ambitious, ambition-focused “The Interestings.”

Brass Bed

Remembering Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love.”


If ever there was a week for escapism, this was it; the constant stream of bad news inspired more than one member of my Twitter timeline to dream out loud about diving under their covers and staying there for as long as possible.

Seven Up

2013! It’s been a pretty great year for music so far. Here are seven pieces of evidence supporting that not-at-all-outlandish statement.


It’s springtime, so let’s dust off the cobwebs and talk about music we like. Yes? Yes.

What Is The Hipster?

We want you, dear reader, to tell us.