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Let’s Hear It

After a long period of endless album teasers and slow-burn promotional campaigns, the element of surprise has come back to big-tent music in 2013—David Bowie announced an album he’d been working on in secret for two years, My Bloody Valentine released the 21-years-in-the-making followup to Loveless, and Justin Timberlake returned to music. But my jolt came on Monday morning, when Fall Out Boy—the Chicago-bred arena-emo act who had been on hiatus since 2009, and whose last album Folie A Deux is one of the 2000s’ most undersung full-lengths—announced an imminent album and tour. Tuesday night they played the Studio At Webster Hall, the sweaty basement of the giant Village club, and the salutary effect it had on me was pretty much immediate; being in a room with a bunch of people who are just excited is still a great invigorator, although it helps that Fall Out Boy’s songs are like nuclear bombs of melody that dare you to sing along after only a single listen. This issue is all about things that we can hear, like the aforementioned My Bloody Valentine album (tackled by Chris Ott) and Taylor Swift’s body of work—and what happens when silence intervenes, as it will for the music blog Donewaiting, which is shutting its doors this month after a decade of operation.