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Earlier this week, a stupid joke on Twitter turned into A Thing for about four hours. “In my research, I’ve found the hot girl wearing the Joy Division t-shirt never wants to actually talk about Joy Division,” the comic Scott Aukerman broadcasted to his 85,000-plus followers on Tuesday. Sexist and lazy, a complaint about the Urban Outfitterization of culture that somehow blamed stupid women, it got retweeted in unflattering fashion by a few women who considered themselves to be both attractive and well-versed in the Factory Records catalog. The reaction was swift (and at times more humorous than the original jab); the reaction to the reaction was full of eye-rolls and protests that the first wave of responses was the product of too much complaining. Lather, rinse, repeat; the cycle will probably come up again sometime before the next issue of this magazine comes out, and it might have even already done so in a corner of the internet prone to responding to jokes about, say, ball-point pens for women instead of ladies’ ability to behave like “proper” music fans. [...]