Maura Magazine | Jukebox


Remember the music video? Sure, it’s around (and still causing controversy! Clips with dancing naked women get “banned” from YouTube and picked up by their corporate partner!), but gone are the days when it would dominate entire afternoons of multiple basic-cable channels. This issue, honoring that art form, is being presented in conjunction with The Soundtrack Series, who in turn are co-presenting a night of storytelling with Maura Magazine on Friday, June 14, at the Museum Of The Moving Image in Astoria, Queens. Come on out—the event starts at 7 p.m. and will feature work by me, Dan Charnas, Ronica Reddick and Peter Aguero, as well as Dana Rossi and Zachary Lipez, both of whom have their own video recollections in this issue. (And if you come early, you can loiter around the Spectacle exhibit, which I wrote about in Issue 14. It’s closing June 16 and it does have a room where you and your pals can sit on the floor and have classic clips beamed into your face…)